"Sigrun Brynjarsdottir is a masterful horse trainer. I left my 13-year-old horse with her for a five-week “tune-up” while I went to Iceland and came home to a whole new level of riding enjoyment. My five-gaited mare is very talented, very sensitive, and a bit too complicated for a trail rider like me, and I’d managed to make her stiff and annoyed. Sigrun worked on building up her topline and improving her flexibility and overall strength. Now my horse is supple and happy to listen. Her trot is bouncy instead of jarring, and her tolt is smooth and even, with a great range in speed. I haven’t yet tried her flying pace, but look forward to getting lessons from Sigrun on how to ride it, as well as how to ride the other gaits better so that my horse continues to improve. As a riding instructor, Sigrun is inspiring, supportive, and just plain fun to be around. We’re lucky to have her in Vermont."
Nancy Marie Brown
East Burke, Vermont
"I’ve known Sigrun for more than 10 years and have taken riding lessons from her for almost that long. She is that rare person who understands how to train both horses and people. She took a young gelding of mine who didn’t tolt and, over time, trained him to have an excellent tolt – and schooled me to become the better rider I needed to be so that I could ride him competently and develop him properly. One area in which Sigrun really shines is the way she integrates Centered Riding concepts into her instruction. The images she suggests ("Think about your seat bones resting on little ball bearings"; "Remember to keep your elbows heavy”; and much more) really help a student of riding further his or her understanding of the subtle interplay between horse and rider. Her instruction is invaluable for the person who wants to become a better rider of gaited horses like Icelandics. It’s equally worthwhile for those who ride other breeds and want to become better at communicating with the horse to get the most out of their equine partners. I wholeheartedly recommend Sigrun as a superb instructor and clinician, a perceptive evaluator and trainer of horses, and an honest business person."
Jeanne Lightbody
"I participated in a seat clinic and it was great! Full of personal attention, I saw improvement in my seat in my second ride in the clinic. I also was able to ride the tolt, both in the school and out on the trails. I normally ride the "big horses" but I love the Icelandic breed. We are lucky to have Sigrun just a few hours away. Marges B&B in Strafford/Sharon is a terrific place to stay if you are from out of town. There are more clinics coming up. Treat yourself!"
Charles Fergus
East Burke, Vermont
Leann Soderberg
Yartmouth Port, Massachusetts
"Great experience working with Solheimar Farm the summer of 2015. We sent our gelding Primus, son of Parker, for continuation of his training. He received excellent care and training and came home a 'tolt machine'. Everything from arranging the training and boarding, through the end of the summer picking Primus up, was exactly as represented beforehand. Would not hesitate to work with Solheimar Farm in the future."