Solheimar Schedule 2018

February 10-11: Newbie Clinic
The clinic is about feeling awareness of ones body, balance and light riding. It is not just for people new to the breed or new to riding, but for those who are interested in learning a new way of riding with awareness to one's body and harmony with the movements of the horse. Horses available for lease. Price is $160 per day per rider, which includes lunch, theory, and two lessons.

March 17-18: Balance & Seat Clinic
Explore new ways of finding harmony and balance. Each rider has a different body type, so individual attention will be given to each rider to explore ways of finding seat-bones and releasing tension in order to ride without muscle tightness. The objective is to find softness and flow of movements. Horses available. Cost of clinic is $160 per day per rider which includes lunch, theory and two lessons.
please email Sigrun at if you would like to participate in any of our 2018 events.