Our Team

Sigrun Brynjarsdottir

Sigrún Brynjarsdóttir - Owner & Trainer
Centered Riding Instructor Level I & FT Trainer

An old Arabian proverb says, “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.” Sigrún has felt that way since her first ride on a horse at the age of two.

Her parents did not have horses, so she rode a friend’s horse. His name was Gamli Grani (old grey). At the age of 6, she started riding school. But going to riding school was not enough activity for her; therefore, she got her first horse at ten in order to fulfill her passion of riding. Her parents had told her that the only way she would get her first horse was to buy it herself. Thus, Sigrún collected money for years and then finally had enough to buy a horse.

His name was Neisti and he was untrained. Sigrún decided that she was going to train him herself. Well, that did not go so good. After a few months, Neisti was going more backwards than forward. As a result, her parents stepped in and sent both horse and girl to “boot camp.” The “boot camp” was conducted by a well-known trainer. Sigrún studied under the trainer until she was fifteen years old. But before she went on her own, she had started training horses professionally.

Sigrún’s competition career started at the age of twelve with the tryouts for the 1996 Landsmót. Sigrún made Landsmót and all the Landsmóts after that until she moved to the United States to go to school in 1999. Sigrún has three Icelandic Championships titles, has been a finalist at Landsmót, and received countless other titles, such as the sportsman of the year two times in her Icelandic club. She has about two hundred awards for her achievements. In 1999, she rode Hrafn frá Garðabæ into first place at theWorld Championships in Germany.

Sigrún was born with the horse fever and ever since birth, her passion and love for theseunique and wonderful horses has consumed her.

Becky Hoyt - Assistant Trainer

Becky Hoyt
I grew up riding at a saddleseat farm in my home state of New Hampshire.  By 18, I knew I wanted to pursue training horses professionally.  I attended Wilson College in  Chambersburg, PA majoring in Equine and Equestrian Management where I studied, in depth, the biomechanics between horse and rider. 
When I was home for the summers I began running youth riding camps.  Then after  college, I found my calling teaching both adults and children.  I worked for Heidi Hauri-Gill at First Choice Riding Academy in Enfield, NH, teaching both dressage and jumping. 
When I moved to Vermont, I discoved my love for Icelandic horses and eventually buying my first Icelandic from Solheimar, I studied groundwork under renown Icelandic trainer, Solvi Sigurdsson. I then began teaching lessons and training Icelandic horses at Silver Maple Farm.  I spent five years there under the direction of Jana Meyer (IPZV Trainer B).  When Silver Maple downsized, I became the Director of the Equine program at Camp Farnsworth in Thetford Vermont for two years.  At this time,  I also started a new journey with Sigrun at Solheimar training young horses and teaching youth riding lessons.

Taylor Benson - Assistant Trainer

Taylor Benson
I first met Sigrun in 2007 when she offered to let me ride her Icelandic mare, Dima, in the youth classes at a NEIHC show. I had three lessons on Dima, and despite not having much previous experience with the breed, I took the blue ribbon in both classes I entered. It is still a memory that I cherish to this day. 

I graduated from Vermont Technical College with a Bachelor's degree in Equine Studies. While at VTC, I was able to gain experience and confidence by riding many different types and breeds of horses. I took courses that covered topics such as natural horsemanship, centered riding, dressage principles, collection and biomechanics, riding instruction, and general horse care, health, and nutrition. I also become certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy. I wrote my final thesis on fitness, collection and biomechanics as it pertains to the indiviudal needs of the horse. 

I grew up riding and driving Morgan horses and have always had a passion for the breed. I spent some time after graduation working as a groom for Cheryl Rivers as she trained and competed morgans in Competitive Driving events through out New England. At this time, I work with Sigrun on developing the young horses and working on the basics of their training. 
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