Icelandic Horses for Sale

We dedicate ourselves to finding quality Icelandic horses. Let us match one to your particular needs.

Icelandic horse mare

Hekla  - IS2014282668

​​2014 Icelandic Chesnut Mare

Icelandic horse mare

Dogg  - IS2011265466

​​2011 Icelandic Blue Dun Mare

Icelandic horse mare
Icelandic horse mare

Vakning  - US2011204581 - SOLD

​​2011 Icelandic Chestnut Mare

Vakning is smooth, solid, brave and independent trail horse that can go out either alone or in a group. All her gaits are smooth and easy to ride. She leg yields, does shoulder in and is easy to handle. Vakning is friendly and easy going..
Icelandic horse mare
Icelandic horse competing

Svarta-Nótt IS1999265550 - SOLD

​​1999 Icelandic Black Mare

Seventeen year old very talented high scored second prize mare with show gaits. She is brave and solid on the trails with enough go to ride long distances. Obedient and has years of professional training. Her gaits are clear and comfortable to ride with her tolt being easy to ride and supple. Her bloodlines are outstanding. Her father is first prize for offspring (Otur frá Sauðárkróki) and her mother was an Icelandic champion (Snerra frá Skúfsstöðum).
grey Icelandic horse
grey Icelandic horse

Fjöður - US2011204983 - SOLD

2011 Icelandic Grey mare

Fjöður is an exceptionally easy going and friendly horse. Brave and not at all spooky. Her gaits are supple and smooth which makes her super comfortable to ride. Fjöður has a curious character and enjoys engaging with humans. She was born to please.

grey Icelandic horse
Sokkadis - SOLD
Icelandic horse
2005 Icelandic Black Mare
Sokkadis is an amazing beginner horse and as boom proof as they come. She is very smooth in all gaits and a natural tölter. She is very friendly and easy going. Sokkadis is a pretty mare with lots of mane and tail. She is a big mare with an attractive conformation.