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Draumur - IS2013180496

2013 Black Gelding


Valiant - IS20141081

2014 Pinto Gelding


Falki - IS2012125087

2012 Gray Gelding


Sævar - US2009105031 -SOLD

2009 Chestnut Gelding

Sævar is a big, strong and solid built gelding. He is brave and solid on the trails either alone or with others. His gaits are very fun to ride and he would do well in intermediate show classes. He has nice movements and solid gaits. Sævar is one of Sigrun's favorite horses to ride at the moment.

Click here for a video of Sævar.
Prins - SOLD
2002 Gray Gelding
Prins is 15 hands, and a stunningly beautiful naturally gaited tolter. He has big movements and a beautiful headcarriage. Prins has quality gaits with supple dancing movements. He is a blast on the trails or in the show ring. Riding Prins is like being on the top of the world.